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Validation Token FAQ

1. What is a validation token?

A validation token can be used by validated organizations to get offers directly from donors outside of

Validation tokens are not needed to request donated products on

2. What does a validation token look like?

A validation token is a string of letters and numbers that typically ends with a part of an organization's name. The token would look something like this: 123a4567@MyOrgName.

3. How do I get a validation token?

Go to Microsoft for Nonprofits or Google for Nonprofits to start the process. You can create a validation token after your organization has been validated by TechSoup, and then return to the donor site to use it.

4. After my organization is validated, how soon can I use my token?

You can create and use your validation tokens approximately 30 minutes after your organization is validated by TechSoup.

5. Can I use the same validation token with more than one donor?

Yes, you can use a token with any number of donors, until the token expires.

6. When will my validation token expire?

Each validation token lasts 60 days. Because validation tokens expire after 60 days, it is best to create them only when they are needed.

Expiration of your token does not affect your access to services you have already signed up for with that token.

7. Can multiple people in my nonprofit each have validation tokens?

Yes. If desired, you can create multiple tokens to provide unique tokens to specific persons at your organization.

8. Who can I contact if I have more questions about how to get or use my token?

Send an email to siteproblems (at)