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How to Use Your Cisco Donation

Find how to make the most of your donated Cisco hardware

February 01, 2017

Now that you've got your donated Cisco networking products, here are resources to help you make the most of your donation, including information about Cisco SMARTnet support and networking resources.

For help obtaining your product, go to your Donation Request History to find a copy of the TechSoup fulfillment email with instructions, download links, and more.

For additional support, you can also call Cisco Customer Service at 1-800-553-6387 and visit the Cisco support forums and support and downloads page. When your equipment has reached its end of life, you can recycle it through Cisco's takeback and recycling program.

Register and Maintain Your SMARTnet Contract

If your Cisco donation includes SMARTnet, you are entitled to five years of comprehensive support for your product. Learn more about how to activate it, what it includes, and ways to extend it when it's near expiration.

How to Set Up Your VPN Server

So, you've been asked to create an invitation for a fundraiser or another event, and you'd like to make it look extra spiffy. But you're not a graphic designer by training, and you don't yet know how to use Adobe InDesign. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Network Troubleshooting Introduction

Network problems come in all shapes and sizes. This article will provide a few pointers to identifying and solving some of the most common networking problems.