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Workshifting Benefits: The Bottom Line

Citrix's white paper outlines the benefits of letting employees work from home

Workshifting Benefits
Jim Lynch - February 01, 2011
Learn about the potential cost-saving benefits of telework for your organization.

TechSoup donor partner Citrix has sponsored a research study on teleworking, "Workshifting Benefits: The Bottom Line," featured below. This study from the Telework Research Network finds that an organization can potentially save $1 million in energy and office expenses if 100 employees work at home half the time. Nationwide in the United States, for instance, the impact would exceed $645 billion. The study is unique particularly in its carefully quantified view of the field of teleworking.

One of the most interesting tools that the authors have created is a Telework Savings Calculator that can show the impact of telework on individual U.S. cities or counties. It provides a detailed profile that includes the number and percentage of teleworkers, their average commute time, and the resulting decrease in greenhouse gases and petroleum use. It also profiles the cost savings in office rent, electricity, and employee absenteeism and turnover. The study is comprehensive and interesting, and clearly describes the benefits of teleworking to employers, employees, and environmental and public infrastructure.

Image: Working at home, Shutterstock

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