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Volume Licensing Service Center – License Information

How to view your license information on the VLSC

Volume Licensing 
TechSoup - November 11, 2012
Learn how to view your license information on the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC), Microsoft's website to help you get installation keys, download or order Microsoft installation software, and access other benefits.

The Licenses section of the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) provides information about each of the donations you received from TechSoup and the products included in those donations. There are two views: Relationship Summary and License Summary.

To view licensing information, you must either be the administrator or have permission to perform the Licensing Info role. For more information, see Maintaining Your Account.

Relationship Summary

To view the Relationship Summary page, sign into the VLSC and choose Licenses > Relationship Summary. This page shows information about all the Volume Licensing Agreements and Open Licenses that are associated with your account.

The following information is displayed for each donation:

Licensing ID:
This is the license number for this donation. You can identify individual donations by this number.
Because each separate TechSoup donation has a different licensing ID, this number is always 1.
The name in your organization's TechSoup profile.
City and Country:
Information from the address on your organization's TechSoup profile.
End Date and Status:
The end date is two years from the date TechSoup sent your request information to Microsoft. On this date, information about your donation will remain on the site, and you can continue to download installation software for products you have requested, but your Software Assurance expires.
Parent Program:
There are two lines in this field. The term on the top line is the type of Volume Licensing program. OPEN indicates that donations obtained through TechSoup are in the Open License program. The term on the bottom line is the program number, also called the authorization number or agreement number.

License Summary

To view the License Summary page, sign into the Volume Licensing Service Center and choose Licenses > License Summary. This page shows information about all the products in all your licenses. You can filter to show only the products in a specific licensing ID.

The following information is displayed for each product:

Product Pool:
There are three product pools: systems, servers, and applications. For TechSoup donations, the product pool's main impact is on which e-learning courses your organization has access to through Software Assurance.
License Product Family:
The family to which the product you requested belongs.
License Version:
The most recent version of the product for which you are eligible.
Effective Quantity:
The total number of licenses available to your organization for this product family.
Unresolved Quantity:
This number is 0 for donations through TechSoup.
Active SA Quantity:
The number of products with active Software Assurance.