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Security Resources for Your Nonprofit or Library

What you need to know to keep your nonprofit or library technology secure

Security Resources for Your Nonprofit or Library
Ariel Gilbert-Knight - November 08, 2012
All the security know-how you need to keep your nonprofit or library technology secure.

You've invested in the right tools for keeping your organization's technology secure. Now check out these security resources that help your organization prevent and combat common security threats.

Below you'll find articles, discussion forums, news items, and vendor-specific advice for securing your computers and protecting your organization.

Basic Security Guides

These resources provide an introduction to key security topics:

Threat Reports and News

The threats your organization faces are constantly evolving. Keep on top of them with these resources:

  • General: The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team's (US-CERT) current activity report includes updated security threat news, including patches and other security fixes released by major vendors. McAfee and other security vendors also offer virus alerts.
  • Threat reports: Symantec and other major security vendors issue periodic threat reports summarizing the current security landscape.
  • Vendor-specific: Many vendors also issue their own alerts to help you stay on top of potential issues occurring in specific software. For example, Microsoft offers a variety of Technical Security Notifications, as does Adobe.

Mobile Security Resources

Mobile devices are becoming an increasingly appealing target for cybercriminals. While some devices are more popular targets for mobile malware, all smartphones and tablets — including Android, Apple, Windows, and Blackberry devices — are at risk for theft and data loss. Get started protecting your mobile devices:

Disaster Planning

TechSoup's Disaster Planning and Recovery resources can help your organization be prepared no matter what happens.

Resources for Your Users

Many security threats don't have an easy technical solution. Your users are a key component of keeping your organization secure. Help them work safely with these quick and easy tips for emailing, web surfing, mobile device safety, and other computing basics:

Ask Questions in the TechSoup forums

The Security Forum is a great place to ask (and answer!) your security questions.

Learn More

Many companies offer detailed articles and whitepapers to help you learn more about specific topics, such as:

By following basic security guidelines, you'll save time and money by ensuring that resources are spent not on recovering your hard drive or deleting spam, but on your constituents and your mission.

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