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RCI Warranty and Returns Information

Guidelines for returning nonfunctional, damaged, or incorrectly shipped RCI products

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TechSoup - December 13, 2012

Upon approval, TechSoup allows you to return nonfunctional, damaged, or incorrectly shipped products within 90 days of the date of delivery for a replacement or refund at no additional charge.

Please note each partner has a unique return policy. Please read the return policies below and find the appropriate instructions for the equipment you wish to return.


  • All RCI donated products come with a 90-day warranty that covers equipment and component failure. Although we cannot guarantee that batteries received with RCI laptops from Arrow Electronics and InterConnection will maintain a charge for a specific period of time, we do expect that all will hold a charge. RCI laptops from PCRR include a 90-day warranty that its batteries will hold a charge for one hour.
  • We cannot accept returns for products with system problems that arise from installing additional software or applications or uninstalling existing software.
  • We cannot accept returns if you no longer need the product or accidentally requested the wrong product.
  • The warranty becomes void if the product is taken to a third party for evaluation or troubleshooting.
  • The warranty begins when you receive your product. We advise you to inspect your product immediately and keep the packaging until you have confirmed that it works properly.

Information Required for Return

If an item is damaged or if you believe it's defective, we will work with you to determine whether our partner can provide troubleshooting assistance. In these cases, our partner will contact you to provide troubleshooting and attempt technical support.

If our partner is unable to resolve the problem, we'll arrange for the product to be returned at no cost to you and for a replacement to be issued, if these conditions are met:

  • You must initiate return requests by contacting TechSoup Client Services.
  • You must receive approval before you send the equipment back.
  • You must return the equipment within 10 business days of receiving approval.
  • The refurbisher's carrier must pick up the returned equipment within the 90-day warranty period.

How to Return Equipment

Step 1

Identify the refurbisher partner. Look for one of these stickers on your equipment:

Arrow Electronics (formerly Redemtech):

Redemtech recycling sticker


InterConnection recycling sticker


PCRR recycling sticker

Step 2

Prepare and have available the following information:

  • Your TechSoup donation confirmation number and product ID number. You can get these numbers from the TechSoup donation confirmation email or your Donation Status page on the TechSoup website.
  • Detailed information about the problem you are experiencing with your equipment.
  • Your full name, a phone number, and an email address where you can be contacted.
  • The asset number assigned by the refurbisher, as shown in the examples below.

Arrow Electronics:
Arrow Electronics asset numbers

InterConnection asset numbers

PCRR asset numbers

Step 3

Arrow Electronics and InterConnection products: Call TechSoup Client Services at (800) 659-3579, option 2. An account management specialist will collect the information listed in Step 2 and initiate your return with the refurbisher, as long as the reason meets the terms and conditions of the RCI returns policy. TechSoup will notify you by email when your return request has been approved or if we believe the problem may be resolved via troubleshooting. Once your return request has been approved, our partner may contact you for troubleshooting assistance.

PCRR products: PCRR products: Call PCRR at (800) 939-6000. PCRR technical support will collect the information listed in Step 2 and verify whether your products are within the 90-day warranty. If so, PCRR will work with you to troubleshoot the problem.

Step 4

If your equipment is still under the 90-day warranty, and the problem with your equipment persists, cannot be resolved, and is warrantable, our refurbisher partner will arrange for the product to be returned at no cost to you and for a replacement or refund to be issued. Our refurbisher partner will send you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) email containing instructions about how to ship the product back.

Step 5

When you receive the RMA email, repack the equipment in the original (or otherwise secure) packaging and arrange for the carrier specified in the RMA email to pick it up.

Step 6

After the equipment has been picked up, open the RMA email, click Reply to All, and provide the day and time of the pickup and the tracking number.

Replacement products will ship from the refurbisher within 10 business days after pickup has been verified. If a replacement product is unavailable, you will be offered a refund or comparable equipment of equal or greater value.

Please note that to maintain our low administrative fees, we cannot accept product returns for any reason other than those cited above, including no longer needing the product or accidentally requesting the wrong product.

How to Cancel or Change a Request

Step 1

Log in to TechSoup with your member name and password.

Step 2

Click Manage My Account, then Donation Request History/Status. You will see a list of the donation requests you have placed on TechSoup.

Step 3

If your products have not been shipped, you can cancel the entire request by clicking Cancel Order at the end of the order line. You may then place a new request for any products you still want.

Step 4

If the RCI products on your product donation request have a status of "shipped," the request is already in the fulfillment process and cannot be canceled.