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RCI Troubleshooting

Get troubleshooting help for RCI products with PC Rebuilders & Recyclers.

PC Rebuilders and Recyclers 
TechSoup - December 13, 2012
Get troubleshooting help for RCI products with PC Rebuilders & Recyclers.

TechSoup has partnered with PC Rebuilders & Recyclers (PCRR) to provide troubleshooting support for organizations that have requested RCI products.

You have been directed to this page because TechSoup believes your equipment issue may be resolved through troubleshooting assistance.

Requesting Troubleshooting Assistance

Our partner will contact you within two business days to help diagnose the problem and provide support if possible. If the PCRR representative determines that a remote desktop connection is necessary, you may need to download remote desktop software.

If the issue can be resolved, PCRR will work through it with you. Otherwise, TechSoup will work to replace the product with another.

About PCRR

PCRR refurbishes and upgrades equipment with genuine Microsoft software, keeping current with educational technology standards. PCRR is also a certified R2 Responsible Recycler. R2 certification verifies that an electronics recycling company is forthright and responsible about how it manages used and end-of-life electronic equipment.

Along with refurbishing and recycling, PCRR hosts the International Computer Refurbisher Summit and is the only worldwide distributor of the Microsoft Refurbisher Preinstallation Kit (RPK). The RPK is a software package for testing hardware, installing software, and imaging Windows-based operating systems and is available only to participants in the Microsoft Refurbisher Programs.