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QuickBooks and Accounting Resources

Find help cleaning up your nonprofit or public library's accounting

QuickBooks and Accounting Resources
Elliot Harmon and Ariel Gilbert-Knight - April 11, 2012
Intuit's QuickBooks software is an industry standard for accounting, but if the accounting at your nonprofit or public library is poorly managed, then QuickBooks alone won't help you. With appropriate training, support, and possibly a consultant, you can get your accounting on track and take full advantage of the possibilities of QuickBooks.

Adopting QuickBooks at your nonprofit or public library for the first time can be a challenge, particularly if your organization's accounting is in a state of disrepair. If you're currently using a spreadsheet or paper ledger to keep track of your nonprofit's finances, then moving to QuickBooks is a great excuse to assess and improve your accounting. That may take some time, energy, and money, but it can have a significant impact on your nonprofit's day-to-day processes. Clean accounting is the first step toward being able to measure, report on, and optimize your organization's performance.

In this short article, we've compiled several resources: some focused specifically on implementing and using QuickBooks in a nonprofit environment; others on best practices for nonprofit accounting in general.

Using QuickBooks at Your Organization

In this series of blog posts, CPA and QuickBooks Pro Advisor Mark McCallick outlines the key steps involved with configuring QuickBooks at a nonprofit.

Mark also presented in a TechSoup webinar on using QuickBooks at your nonprofit. Watch the webinar recording to hear him explain the key steps of QuickBooks implementation.

QuickBooks Made Easy

QuickBooks Made Easy is a series of training CD-ROMs on QuickBooks. QuickBooks Made Easy for Nonprofits is available through TechSoup at a discounted price for organizations with higher budgets.

Resources from Intuit

Browse Intuit's list of nonprofit-specific features available in QuickBooks Premier Editions 2012.

Learn how to use QuickBooks to generate your IRS Form 990.

Free Support

Visit Intuit's QuickBooks community page to find answers to common questions, and try the nonprofit message board for help from other nonprofit QuickBooks users.

Paid Support

Find out about QuickBooks Care Plus support plans available from Intuit. You can also find a certified QuickBooks expert in your area (to find consultants who work specifically with nonprofits, click the "Your Industry" tab on the search results).

General Accounting Resources

The following online courses are available from easyLearning. Qualified nonprofits can request packages of 10 easyLearning courses from TechSoup.

  • PrimeFinance: Budgeting Matters
  • PrimeFinance: Evaluating Performance
  • PrimeFinance: How to Budget
  • PrimeFinance: The Financial Statements
  • PrimeFinance: The Ground Rules

Nonprofit Accounting Basics has a lot of information on accounting, ranging from very basic to more advanced.

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