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Manuals for Refurbishing Computers

Free "how-to" resources for developing your own computer refurbishment program or capacity

Manuals for Refurbishing Computers
TechSoup - March 02, 2010
Computer refurbishment is the most environmentally sound form of computer recycling and a valuable source of low or no-cost IT equipment for nonprofits, NGOs, libraries, and low-income people. Learn how to develop your own refurbishment program with these "how-to" resources.

Find tools and tips for greening your nonprofit through TechSoup's GreenTech Initiative, where social benefit organizations can share and learn more about technology choices that can help to reduce our overall impact on the environment.

TechSoup has long been an advocate of computer refurbishment as the most environmental form of computer recycling and also as a valuable source of low or no-cost IT equipment for nonprofits, NGOs, libraries, and low-income people.

Refurbishment centers range in size and complexity from highly-professional factory remanufacturing plants to small, informal operations that produce a few computers each month for use in offices, training labs, public access terminals, or for distribution to clients.

Below, we have a series of free "how-to" resources for developing your own refurbishment program or capacity. These resources include a set of seven start-up toolkits sponsored by Microsoft as well as two start-up manuals created by veteran computer refurbishers who have their own refurbishment programs — Pat Furr of Computers for Classrooms in Chico, California, and Bruce Buckelew of Oakland Technology Exchange West (OTX West) in Oakland, California. See a video demonstration from Computers for Classrooms.

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Microsoft - Refurbishing Steps for Success

Computers for Classrooms, Inc

Oakland Technology Exchange West

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