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TechSoup - December 13, 2012
Join TechSoup's Refurbished Computer Initiative (RCI) by donating your used computing equipment. It's an easy and cost-effective way for your company to donate its used office technology.

Turn your used computing equipment into effective corporate "green philanthropy." TechSoup makes it easy and cost-effective for your company to donate used IT equipment. Becoming an RCI donor makes business sense while delivering environmental and social benefits.

Benefits to Donor Corporations

  • Reusing equipment provides the highest environmental benefit of all IT disposal alternatives.
  • TechSoup's refurbisher partner Redemtech:
    • Provides comprehensive IT asset management services
    • Accepts all unwanted IT equipment (working or not)
    • Transfers responsibility and liability
    • Meets all regulatory requirements
    • Picks up equipment anywhere in North America as well as other locations internationally
  • Redemtech ensures and guarantees data sanitation to the U.S. Defense Department 5220.22-M standard or higher.
  • Redemtech provides managed logistics, chain-of-custody tracking, and in-transit security.
  • Redemtech is an approved signatory of the Electronics Recycler's Pledge of True Stewardship and its environmental management system is certified ISO 14001-compliant.
  • End-of-life material is recycled in compliance with Redemtech's zero-landfill, zero-export, and zero-incineration policy.
  • TechSoup and Redemtech both supply comprehensive reporting for company records and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports.
  • RCI delivers significant CSR and triple bottom-line benefits.

Benefits to Nonprofit Organizations

  • RCI is a nonprofit project. Donations to this project provide a reliable source of computers to charitable organizations and low-income families at the lowest possible cost.
  • Equipment from the RCI program is guaranteed to be in excellent working condition by RCI's refurbisher partners and has undergone thorough testing, repair, restoration, and cleaning.
  • All equipment is fully warranted and upgraded with licensed versions of Microsoft Windows and Office. Some equipment also includes Norton AntiVirus.
  • Nonprofits get full customer service support from TechSoup.

How to Become a Donor

For information on becoming an RCI Donor, please contact Gayle Carpentier, Director of Business Development, at