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Become a Refurbished Computer Initiative (RCI) Donor

Donate your used computing hardware through TechSoup

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Jim Lynch - October 03, 2016
Join TechSoup's recent donors to the Refurbished Computer Initiative (RCI) by donating your used computing hardware. It's an easy and cost-effective way for your company to donate its used office technology.

We'd like to thank our recent donors, who include Dolby Laboratories, The Nielsen Company, Blackbaud, Symantec, and SingleHop. Each of these great companies has donated their used but useful IT hardware to TechSoup so that it can go to charities and libraries across the country.

Turn your used computing hardware into effective green philanthropy. Becoming an RCI donor makes good business sense and delivers environmental and social benefits. Once the hardware is donated to TechSoup, we work with our refurbishing partners to bring every single unit up to our high standards before offering it to nonprofits. This work includes transportation and shipping, testing, cleaning, and repairing, as well as software installation.

Benefits to Donor Corporations

Providing hardware is the most environmentally beneficial method of disposing of IT hardware, while also bringing great benefit to the nonprofit sector that TechSoup serves. The RCI program at TechSoup delivers significant corporate social responsibility and triple bottom-line benefits.

Here's what some of our donors have to say about donating to RCI.

Dolby Laboratories

"Dolby Laboratories is very pleased to work with Tech Soup to ensure that our surplus IT equipment finds a home with the nonprofit organizations and libraries that need it. Working with TechSoup not only allows us to support organizations that are working to improve our community, it is a simple process that saves staff time and money. Thank you for offering this great service and we look forward to continuing to grow our partnership with Tech Soup in the months and years to come."

— Joan Scott, director of community relations, Dolby Laboratories


"Through its global corporate social responsibility program, Nielsen Cares, Nielsen donates decommissioned computers and equipment to TechSoup for distribution to nonprofits. As a global provider of information and insights, Nielsen's relationship with TechSoup Global and other providers ensures that its equipment is securely reused and recycled wherever possible to help nonprofits fulfill their missions."

— Julia Wilson, manager, corporate social responsibility, Nielsen Cares


"Blackbaud powers the world of philanthropy and has served the nonprofit sector specifically for more than 30 years. We believe the world would be better if good took over and rely on CSR programs as a catalyst for the company and our associates to engage in the world. Our partnership with TechSoup is one way we put this philosophy into action. As a technology company, we periodically swap out the hardware we use, and we know that, although it might have reached its usefulness for our needs, it might be able to help another organization. Our donations to TechSoup allow us to recycle hardware in an environmentally sound way and get the equipment into the hands of nonprofit organizations that need it.

"Blackbaud's experience with TechSoup and their RCI team has been a positive one for the company. The team partners with us every step of the way. After we decide what and how much to donate, the team advises us on how to pack and ship the equipment, which has been cleared of proprietary information, and works with us to schedule the shipment. The equipment is stored securely while in transit, and any remaining data on the hard drives is destroyed once it reaches their facility … [TechSoup provides] us a report detailing steps taken to destroy any data. The hardware is refurbished and we know if a piece cannot be used by their program, it will be recycled appropriately.

"Blackbaud believes the world would be better if good took over. Our CSR team and the initiatives we lead empower the company and its associates to give back."

— Rachel Hutchisson, Blackbaud vice president of corporate citizenship and philanthropy

Benefits to Nonprofit Organizations

The objective of our RCI program is to provide solid, warrantied refurbished IT hardware to charities and libraries at low cost. Hardware donations help us to keep the cost to nonprofits down.

  • RCI is a nonprofit project. Donations to this project provide a reliable source of low-cost computers to charitable organizations.
  • Hardware from the RCI program is guaranteed to be in excellent working condition by RCI's refurbisher partners and has undergone thorough testing, repair, restoration, and cleaning.
  • All hardware comes with a warranty.
  • All laptops, desktops, and tablets include licensed operating systems and other software. See individual product details for more information.
  • Nonprofits get full customer service support from TechSoup's refurbisher partners.

How to Become a Donor

For information on becoming an RCI donor, please contact Gayle Carpentier, director of business development.

Image: Andrew / CC BY-SA

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