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Microsoft Office vs. OpenOffice

Microsoft Office vs. OpenOffice.Org

For a while, Microsoft Office was the only office suite in town. But in the last couple of years, a viable open source option has emerged: Will OpenOffice work for your organization or charity? Idealware does a head-to-head comparison of the two office suites.

Do I Need the 32-Bit or the 64-Bit Version?

Hardware and software come in 32-bit and 64-bit options. Which one do you have? Which one do you need? This article will help you figure that out.

Investing in Computers: 7 Questions to Consider

Investing in Computers? 7 Questions to Consider

Buying a computer is a big investment, so you want to get it right. This guide will help you understand what to look for when investing in computers for your nonprofit or library.

Office 2010: New Image Editing Features

Office 2010: New Image Editing Features Bring Docs to Life

Office 2010 has enhanced many of the graphics tools from prior versions of the suite and this article highlights a few. With these new features, customize pictures directly in your Office document, without needing a third-party tool, saving budget-conscious nonprofits and libraries both money and time.

Office 2010: Match the Ribbon to Your Style.jpg

Office 2010: Match the Ribbon to Your Style

If your organization uses the Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 suite of office productivity applications, you have no doubt encountered the Ribbon. If you're finding commands hard to find in the Ribbon – or missing altogether, then this article is here to help.

Creating an Open Source Desktop

Creating an Open-Source Desktop

An introduction to open-source alternatives to commercial applications and operating systems.

Downloading Your Software Donations

Downloading Your Software Donations

Most product donations from TechSoup are available in two ways: download or physical media. Downloads (sometimes listed as ESD or electronic delivery) are products downloaded from our donor partners through a link that you're provided after your request is processed. Physical media are boxed installation discs sent through the mail. If downloading our products seems daunting, don't worry! We'll walk you through the process and answer all of your questions.

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An Introduction to Microsoft Server and Client Licensing

If choosing licenses for your Microsoft server products is making your head spin, our guide to Microsoft server and client licensing is here to help.

Making Sense of Software Licensing

Making Sense of Software Licensing

Software licensing is a complicated topic, but knowing a little about software licensing can help you make sense of all that fine print.

Upgrading Computer Components

Upgrading Computer Components

With the right hardware upgrades, you may be able to boost your computer's performance. This guide will help you understand what hardware to upgrade, and when to upgrade it.

Clean Microsoft Windows Installations with ISO Files

Clean Microsoft Windows Installations with ISO Files

If your nonprofit or library needs to perform a clean installation of a Microsoft Windows operating system due to lacking a DVD drive on a computer, reformatting your drives before an upgrade, or requesting Get Genuine Windows, this article can help ensure you can do it using downloadable ISO files.

Is Microsoft OneNote the One for You?

Is Microsoft OneNote the One for You?

Microsoft OneNote 2010 lets you gather notes and other information and organize it as a digital notebook. The structure is similar to familiar paper notebooks with the added benefit that you can electronically search, reorganize, and share the contents.

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RCI Warranty and Returns Information

TechSoup allows you to return nonfunctional, damaged, or incorrectly shipped products within 90 days of the date of delivery for a replacement or refund at no additional charge.

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Become a Refurbished Computer Initiative (RCI) Donor

Join TechSoup's Refurbished Computer Initiative (RCI) by donating your used computing equipment. It's an easy and cost-effective way for your company to donate its used office technology.

How to Accept or Refuse Donated Equipment

How to Accept (or Refuse!) Donated Equipment

Your organization probably receives offers of donated computer equipment. Learn how to accept (or gracefully refuse) donated computer equipment with these six tips.

Configure and Set Up Multiple Computers

Configure and Set Up Multiple Computers

Learn how to configure and set up multiple computers for your nonprofit, charity, or library using computer cloning.

Manuals for Refurbishing Computers

Manuals for Refurbishing Computers

Computer refurbishment is the most environmentally sound form of computer recycling and a valuable source of low or no-cost IT equipment for nonprofits, NGOs, libraries, and low-income people. Learn how to develop your own refurbishment program with these "how-to" resources.

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RCI Refurbisher Partner Policies

Policies for shipping, returns, and end-of-life recycling are different for each partner.

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About RCI Products

Explore the details of RCI products

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About the RCI Program

Learn about donating equipment, our refurbisher partners, the program's environmental benefits, and more.

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