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Funding Technology Projects

Funding Technology Projects

Just as there's no magical technology funder, there's no silver funding bullet, either. But there are a few steps you can take to help.

What TechSoup Offers Foundations

What TechSoup Offers Foundations

TechSoup has long been a software and hardware donation resource for charities and libraries. More recently, it has begun to serve private foundations so that the entire philanthropy ecosystem can benefit from TechSoup donations, articles, and online community. Here is our roster of the resources TechSoup now has for foundations.

Payment Processing in Pictures

Payment Processing in Pictures

Accepting credit card payments is getting easier, but the system for processing those payments remains complex. These illustrations will help you understand how to accept online or mobile credit card payments and, once you do, where the money goes and how it gets there.

A Few Good Methods for Processing Credit Cards

Accepting payments by credit card is not necessarily difficult or expensive. We provide some tips and tools to process credit card transactions, both on- and offline, for nonprofits and charities of all sizes.

A Few Good Point of Sales Systems

From museum stores to gift shops, organizations with retail storefronts need point of sales solutions that help process transactions, provide reporting, and manage inventory. What are the options when it comes to choosing a POS system?

A Few Good Association Management Tools

Nonprofit experts weigh in on what association management systems have worked for them.

A Few Good Online Event-Registration Tools

Nonprofit technology professionals weigh in on what online registration tools have worked for them.

A Few Good Tools for Friend-to-Friend Fundraising

Enlist your supporters to fundraise for you with friend-to-friend fundraising tools.

A Few Good Online Auction Tools

Learn about online auction tools to help raise money and rally support for your nonprofit's cause.

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