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What You Need to Know About Microsoft Office 365 Nonprofit

Is your staff spread across several locations? Do you have a limited budget for IT support like installations and upgrades? Do your staff and volunteers want to do their work on personal devices like smartphones or tablets? Are you tired of maintaining an in-house Exchange server? Then Microsoft Office 365 Nonprofit may be right for you!

Collaboration Tools for Foundations

Collaboration Tools for Foundations

Collaboration is as integral to the work of foundations as it is to nonprofits. But with staff, board members, and other collaborators spread out across multiple geographic locations, it's not as easy as sitting around a table in a conference room. The right software can not only bridge the distance and unite dispersed staff, but also make it easy to present, review, and comment on information.

Phone Systems on a Shoestring

Phone Systems on a Shoestring Budget

Despite the increasing popularity of email, social media, and other online networking tools, organizations still depend on the telephone for a good portion of their communications. But technology has also brought dramatic changes to phone service, and the options for purchasing a new voice communications system are more numerous than ever before — and more confusing.

How CASA-Voices for Children Uses Huddle

How CASA-Voices for Children Uses Huddle

At NTEN's 2011 Nonprofit Cloud Computing Summit, nonprofit technology guru Allen Gunn said that the single most useful cloud-based applications for nonprofits are, without question, project-management and collaboration tools. A nonprofit that benefited from such a tool is CASA-Voices for Children in Oregon, which found a way for 3 people to do the charitable work of 45.

Outlook logo, Microsoft

Microsoft Outlook 2013: Designed for Efficiency

Outlook 2013, part of the latest version of Microsoft Office, has a spruced-up look and new features that will make your work life easier at your nonprofit or library and help keep you organized. In this article, we highlight some new features and direct you to donations of the newest Office suite.

Microsoft Office 2010: PowerPoint Broadcasts Presentation

Microsoft Office 2010: PowerPoint Broadcasts Presentations

Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010's new "broadcast" feature is a perfect example of how nonprofit organizations and libraries can improve communication by using built-in technology to share content around the web.

Microsoft Office 2010: How to Use Sparklines in Excel 2010

Microsoft Office 2010: How to Use Sparklines in Excel 2010

Want to make the data you manage at your nonprofit or library easier to understand at a glance? Microsoft Office's Excel 2010 has a simple solution in its sparklines feature. Sparklines are simple visual representations of your data, right in a spreadsheet. Learn how to create and customize Excel sparklines in this easy how-to.

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SharePoint 2010 for Nonprofits and Libraries

Learn how Microsoft SharePoint can help your organization manage content, collaborate better, and more easily find and share information.

Unified Communications Options for Nonprofits

Unified Communications Options for Nonprofits

Unified communications (UC) is a popular buzzword, but its broad usage makes it difficult to define. Generally, UC refers to a large family of technologies and organizational practices that simplify and integrate multiple forms of communications like phone conversations, email, video and web conferencing, instant messaging (IM), voicemail, fax, and SMS messages. Can UC improve the way your organization communicates?

Six Views of Project Management Software

Six Views of Project-Management Software

What kind of software is out there and which tools might support your organization's particular project-management needs? Idealware shares what nine nonprofit project managers are using to manage their projects.

Workshifting Benefits

Workshifting Benefits: The Bottom Line

Learn about the potential cost-saving benefits of telework for your organization.

How Telecommunications is Changing Work

How Telecommunications Is Changing Work

Telecommunications allows an increasing number of organizations to operate in ways that previously could only be accomplished in person. The potential impact of this shift in work is financial, social, cultural, and environmental.

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