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Cloud Computing

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What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Cloud Computing?

Considering the cloud? What organizations should know before taking the plunge.

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Key Considerations for Cloud Adoption by NGOs

What do you need to assess whether your organization is ready to migrate to the cloud? This article discusses the key questions you should ask to get started.

Connecting to the cloud

NGOs and the Cloud

Breakthroughs in information and communication technology have heralded the age of nearly borderless and boundless access to knowledge. Cloud computing, which allows people to run applications and store data over the Internet, leads the list of such developments.

Cloud Basics for Nonprofits and Libraries

Cloud Basics for Nonprofits and Libraries

What is the cloud and is a move to the cloud right for your nonprofit or library? To help you decide, this article discusses some cloud basics and the advantages and drawbacks of cloud computing.

CRM in the Cloud

CRM in the Cloud: Right For Your Organization?

Is cloud-based CRM right for your organization? In this article, we'll discuss some of the questions to consider when adopting a CRM for the first time or switching from a traditional CRM to a cloud-based system. We'll also point you to resources to help you find the cloud CRM best suited to your organization.

Security in the Cloud

Security in the Cloud

Security remains one of the biggest concerns with moving to the cloud. Understand the biggest threats in the cloud and get tips for assessing cloud provider security.

Comparing Online vs. Traditional Software

Comparing Online vs. Traditional Software

Will desktop or online office software fit your nonprofit needs best?

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