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Skillsoft Discount Program Technical FAQ

Learn more about the Skillsoft Discount Program and how to solve common problems with Skillsoft products.

Do-it-Yourself Desktop Troubleshooting

Computer not working? Before calling support or taking it to a repair shop, learn some basic desktop troubleshooting techniques. Checking out these tips may save you time and money.

Public Computing Resource Center

Public Computing Resource Center

If you're looking for the right software, curriculum, or Internet use policies for your public computer lab or training, you're not alone. Browse the resources we've compiled from the community, and add your own.

Partnerships to Aid Broadband Adoption

Partnerships to Aid Broadband Adoption

Learn how your nonprofit or public library can partner with other organizations, government, and the private sector in delivering broadband to underserved communities.

A trainer teaches a group at a row of computer workstations

Hiring and Training Internet Mentors

For organizations that encourage broadband adoption and use in underserved communities, providing those communities with Internet access is only half of the solution. Meaningful broadband adoption requires trainers. Whether it's in a computer lab, in a classroom, or at home, people who are new to computers and the Internet often need mentors who can teach basic computer skills and help them navigate the web.

Training the Public in Internet Use

Training the Public in Internet Use

At a public library or computer lab, getting users in the door is relatively easy. The hard part is teaching them how to find the information they need. Some organizations rely primarily on a classroom format while others focus more on side-by-side mentoring. Many factors go into finding the right mix to serve a lab's clientele most effectively.

Tips for Conducting a Successful Webinar

Tips for Conducting a Successful Webinar

Learn how to make your webinar a success in this article. It offers a step-by-step guide you can follow before, during, and after your webinar on the day of the event.


10 Steps for Planning a Successful Webinar

Online seminars, or webinars, are a dynamic and engaging way to convey information to a geographically dispersed audience on a budget. If your nonprofit or charity faces an ongoing need to share information long-distance but has limited education and travel funds, webinars can help you save money while providing a valuable service to your constituents. Learn the 10 essential steps to planning, organizing, staffing, promoting, and running a webinar.

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