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The Refurbished Computer Initiative Program

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The Refurbished Computer Initiative (RCI) program at TechSoup provides high-quality, competitively priced desktops, laptops, and other equipment to eligible nonprofits, charities, and libraries.

TechSoup has partnered with industry-leading computer refurbishers and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) providers to support social change through technology and create environmentally friendly alternatives to disposing of used equipment.

The RCI program offers refurbished hardware products from top manufacturers like Dell, HP, and Lenovo. The supply is subject to availability. All products are designed to meet the rigorous standards of corporate users, not individual consumers for home use. TechSoup's refurbisher partners guarantee that all equipment is in excellent working condition and has undergone thorough testing, repair, restoration, and cleaning.

Refurbisher partners offer one-year and three-year warranties and troubleshooting assistance with their products. They accept returns on damaged products, subject to the refurbisher partner's approval. Computers also include custom images that include preinstalled software, saving organizations both time and money. Desktop and laptop computers include a Windows operating system, Microsoft Office suite, and Norton Internet Security preinstalled. Administrative fees include shipping and handling.

Eligibility and Restrictions

If eligible, your organization may receive an unlimited number of products. However, each request may include no more than 10 of any individual product.

Consult the eligibility and restrictions page to review your organization's eligibility to participate in this program.