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Programs Affected by TechSoup's Fiscal Year-End

Many of the donation programs at TechSoup allow organizations to receive a fixed quantity of technology products between July 1 and June 30 of each year (TechSoup's fiscal year). Then, on July 1, organizations again become eligible to place requests for these products.

TechSoup's current fiscal year began on July 1, 2016, and you can place a request for products from any of the partners listed in the left column below anytime before June 30, 2017. You will then become eligible for donations again on July 1, 2017, since that is the start of a new donation year for these programs.

NOTE: Your organization may be eligible to place more than one donation request in a fiscal year from different donation programs, because each program has its own eligibility guidelines.

The links below go to each program's restrictions. Please review them before placing a donation request.

Programs Affected by the Fiscal Year

Programs Not Affected by the Fiscal Year

For a complete list of restrictions, see our Nonprofit Eligibility Requirements and Donor Partner Restrictions page.

How to Check Your Donation History

If you are not sure what products your organization has already received through TechSoup during this current fiscal year ending June 30, 2017, you may check your history:

  1. Log in to TechSoup; then click Donation Request History/Status under Manage Account. You will see a list of the requests you have placed through TechSoup. Click a request number to view details.
  2. To see all the requests since July 1, 2016, type that date in the Show requests from field, type the current date in the to field, and click View Requests.