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Fundly CRM Easy Grow Plan 1-Year Subscription

Fundly CRM Easy Grow Plan 1-Year Subscription
  • Donor or Provider: NonProfitEasy
  • Platform: Multiple platforms
  • Format: Online
  • Product ID: G-49046
  • Availability: Available

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Fundly CRM is cloud-based, all-in-one data management software for managing grants, donors, members, volunteers, events, tasks, communications, and programs.

This discounted offer provides a one-year subscription to the Fundly CRM Easy Grow plan. See the Subscription Details tab for more details about the subscription.

Benefits for Organizations

You can use Fundly CRM to

  • Consolidate all your nonprofit's fundraising and constituent data in one customer relationship management (CRM) system that can be accessed from any web browser
  • Manage donor information, including giving history, campaign participation, event registration, and matching gifts
  • Manage volunteer information, including hours, training, programs, waivers, and skills
  • Manage communications and marketing outreach to your constituents using built-in email templates and integrated campaign analytics

Major Capabilities

  • Program management: Fundly CRM lets you view a customized display of your organization's key program performance data, including clients served, sites and locations, and participation rates.
  • Tasks and interactions: You can log interactions, set follow-up tasks, and assign tasks to other team members. Fundly CRM also includes a calendar feature for setting reminders and email notifications for you and other team members.
  • Events and ticketing management: The event dashboard displays registration trends to plan ahead. You can schedule recurring events, reuse registration forms, assign sponsors and sponsorship levels, and customize event tickets and ticket receipts.
  • Reporting: You can generate reports from nearly 300 predefined templates on donations, events, finances, interactions, and membership.


This product includes email support.

Terms and Conditions

Certain terms and conditions apply to this subscription. See the NonProfitEasy restrictions for more information.

Choose Carefully

The administrative fee for this product is not refundable, and the product cannot be exchanged.

Obtaining This Product

When TechSoup approves your donation request, we will send a message to your organization email address with instructions for obtaining and activating this product.

Subscription Details

Subscription LimitsThis subscription includes storage for 10,000 contacts, 50,000 outgoing email messages per year, and two hours of web training.
Continuing Service After One YearYou may renew your subscription each year by requesting this product through TechSoup before the subscription expires.
Existing Subscribers IneligibleThis offer is not available to current or former NonProfitEasy subscribers. You must contact NonProfitEasy directly if you wish to renew or change your plan.
Previewing NonProfitEasyNonProfitEasy offers free trials on its website. However, NonProfitEasy can't convert trial subscriptions to subscriptions requested from TechSoup.
Additional ServicesTelephone support is also available for $50 per month. For additional users or support, contact NonProfitEasy.
Credit Card RequiredYou will be required to enter a credit card number to obtain your one-year subscription. NonProfitEasy will not charge your credit card unless you do not renew your subscription through TechSoup before the end of the subscription period or unless you purchase additional services.

Rules, Eligibility and Restrictions

  • Quantity: Organizations may request one product per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).
  • Budget: Organizations with annual operating budgets between $100,001 and $1.5 million are eligible for products in this program.
  • Nonprofits and libraries only: Products in this program are available only to qualifying nonprofits with 501(c)(3) designation and to public libraries. Public libraries must either have valid 501(c)(3) nonprofit status or be listed in the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) database.
  • Organization types: All organization types are eligible for products in this program.
  • Existing customers:
    • Organizations that have or had a NonProfitEasy subscription are not eligible for products in this program.
    • Organizations that have previously contacted NonProfitEasy, communicated with a sales representative outside of the TechSoup offer, or participated in a sales demonstration not designed specifically for NonProfitEasy products are not eligible to request products in this program.
  • Terms of service: Organizations that request NonProfitEasy products must agree to any applicable terms of service.
  • Subscription termination: NonProfitEasy reserves the right to terminate a subscription at any time if
    • An organization fails to meet the eligibility requirement as determined by and at the sole discretion of NonProfitEasy and its strategic partners
    • An organization fails to maintain membership with TechSoup
    • An organization's subscription is inactive for a consecutive 60-day period
    • NonProfitEasy and TechSoup terminate their relationship
    • An organization transfers or resells, or attempts to transfer or resell, a NonProfitEasy product
  • Change notification: Eligibility requirements are subject to change at any time at NonProfitEasy's sole discretion, with or without notice.
  • Anti-discrimination policy: Organizations that advocate, support, or practice discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background are not eligible to participate in this program. Organizations must be willing and able to attest that they do not discriminate on any of these grounds in order to receive products in this program.
  • Case study: Recipient organizations must be willing and able to provide information to NonProfitEasy for the purposes of creating a case study or testimonial on this program.
  • Product distribution:
    • Products will be distributed under this program to qualifying organizations only, not to individuals.
    • Recipient organizations may not transfer or resell NonProfitEasy products.