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eduGear UNOBOOK Educational Tablet

eduGear UNOBOOK Educational Tablet
  • Donor or Provider: CDI
  • Platform: Android
  • Format: Hardware
  • Product ID: HW-48973
  • Availability: Available

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This discounted, new tablet provided by CDI includes the Android 4.2.2 operating system, a stylus, wired keyboard, USB cable, protective case with kickstand, cleaning cloth, and case for accessories.

Compared with other tablets offered through TechSoup, this tablet provides a longer battery life and is designed for use by educators and students.

CDI products offered to TechSoup members are discounted, not donated. Learn more about these tablet offers.

Hardware Specifications

The computer will meet or exceed these specifications:

Amlogic 8726 MX dual-core 1.5-GHz
1 GB
1,024 x 768
Internal storage:
16 GB
Expandable storage:
Up to 32 GB
0.3 MP front-facing, 2 MP rear-facing
Interface ports:
Dual headphone and microphone, USB-B, microSD card, HDMI
802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0
7.1 inches (W), 9.3 inches (H), 0.52 inches (D)
Screen size:
9.7 inches (measured diagonally)
1.4 pounds
10,800 mAh

The official specifications for this tablet are available from CDI.

Software Included

In addition to the Android operating system, the UNOBOOK includes Adobe Flash Player, the Kingsoft Office suite, ES Task Manager, and the Sixty Four braille education system.

Support and Warranty

This product includes a one-year warranty from CDI. It covers major defects in the device and its components and includes technical support. You can purchase a three-year warranty from CDI directly by calling (888) 226-5727 x3373.

Obtaining This Product

When TechSoup has approved your request, we will send a message to your organization email address. Please read this message: it contains important information.

CDI will ship your equipment via ground within 10 business days. After that, it may take up to 5 business days (10 business days for Alaska or Hawaii) to receive your equipment.

System Requirements

  • None

Rules, Eligibility and Restrictions

  • Product will be distributed under this program to qualifying organizations only, not to individuals.
  • Organizations may request as many discounted CDI products as they need.
  • This product is available to organizations with operating budgets of any size.
  • This product is available to nonprofits with 501(c)(3) designation and to public libraries. Public libraries must either have valid 501(c)(3) nonprofit status or be listed in the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) database.
  • This product is available to all organization types.
  • Recipient organizations must be willing and able to provide information to CDI for the purposes of creating a case study or testimonial on this program.
  • Organizations that advocate, support, or practice discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background are not eligible to participate in this program. Organizations must be willing and able to attest that they do not discriminate on any of these grounds in order to receive products.
  • CDI products may not be transferred or resold.