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Free Viper Smartphone and Sparrow Service Plan – Access to Discounted Rates

Free Viper Smartphone and Sparrow Service Plan – Access to Discounted Rates
  • Donor or Provider: Sparrow
  • Platform: Android
  • Format: Service, Hardware
  • Product ID: G-48984
  • Availability: Out of Stock

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Sparrow offers discounted mobile service plans and mobile devices to eligible organizations, their employees and volunteers, and their employees' family members.

This offer provides access to any number of free, refurbished LG Viper Android smartphones and a 5 percent discount on Sparrow mobile service plans. After you request this offer through TechSoup, you'll pay Sparrow directly for discounted service plans. You will not need to request this product from TechSoup again.

Benefits for Organizations

You can use Sparrow to save on wireless service costs through

  • Receiving refurbished smartphones instead of purchasing new ones
  • Optional usage-based pricing that allows you to pay only for the voice minutes, text messages, or data services you actually use
  • Centralized management of your organization's mobile services
  • You can use your existing device with Sparrow service through bring-your-own-device (BYOD) support for iPhone 5 and 6 (any carrier), Google Nexus 5 and 6 (any carrier), and many deactivated Sprint devices.

After three billing cycles, a mobile device or mobile service will be donated to a person in need through Sparrow's nonprofit partners.

Service Plan and Device Details

Visit the Sparrow website for service plan options and device details. Please take note of the surcharges and additional charges that will be added to your bill and the optional charges for other features. You can cancel or modify your Sparrow mobile service at any time. However, if you cancel services before the end of one year, you'll need to return your free smartphone to Sparrow.

You don't need to request a free smartphone if you already have a device eligible for Sparrow service.

Sparrow Coverage

Sparrow customers have access to voice and data service reaching more than 282 million people and access to broadband service in more than 14,000 U.S. cities. You'll need to confirm that potential users are located within the coverage area on the Sparrow website.

Credit Card Required

Sparrow requires a valid credit card to pay for your discounted service plans. Checks or debit cards are not accepted.

Support and Sales Questions

Sparrow provides telephone and email support on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m Eastern time. If you have sales or support questions, call Sparrow at (844) 846-1653.

Obtaining This Product

When TechSoup approves your donation request, we will send a message to your organization email address with instructions for obtaining your mobile services. You'll need the promotional code included in this email to receive your discounted rates.

System Requirements

  • You'll need to confirm that your potential users are located within the coverage area on the Sparrow website.

Rules, Eligibility and Restrictions

  • Quantity: Organizations need to request only one of each Sparrow product through TechSoup to get access to that offer for all of the organization's employees, volunteers, and employees' family members.
  • Budget: Organizations with annual operating budgets of any size are eligible for Sparrow products.
  • Nonprofits and public libraries only: Products in this program are available only to qualifying nonprofits with 501(c)(3) designation and to public libraries. Public libraries must either have valid 501(c)(3) nonprofit status or be listed in the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) database.
  • Organization types: All organization types are eligible for products in this program.
  • Territories: Organizations in U.S. territories may not request products in this program.
  • Terms of service: Organizations that request Sparrow products must agree to any applicable terms of service.
  • Anti-discrimination policy: Organizations that advocate, support, or practice discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background are not eligible to participate in this program. Organizations must be willing and able to attest that they do not discriminate on any of these grounds in order to receive products in this program.
  • Case study: Recipient organizations must be willing and able to provide information to Sparrow for the purposes of creating a case study or testimonial on this program.
  • Product distribution: Recipient organizations may not transfer or resell Sparrow products.