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Featured Topic: Mobile Apps

Great apps and app resources for nonprofits and libraries

Apps can be great tools for nonprofits and libraries. They can help engage and inform constituents, tell your organization's story, and improve your internal workflows. But given the number of apps available (and the limited time every organization has to research, choose, and implement new technologies), getting started with apps can be overwhelming. What apps are already out there? How can nonprofits and libraries benefit from using apps? Does it make sense to build your own apps? We tackle all those questions here.

TechSoup's efforts to identify and share app resources were inspired and supported by a generous grant from Microsoft. With Microsoft's support for the App It Up project, we were able to investigate what nonprofits and libraries need from apps, which apps they're already using (or creating), and what's on their app wish lists. And we're also able to share what we learned, right here.

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