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Getting Started with TechSoup

1. Sign up

Become a member and participate in our community.

Signing up to become a TechSoup member is the first step toward getting product donations and participating in community discussions. Creating a TechSoup account is simple. Just select Sign Up for TechSoup from the Joining TechSoup dropdown menu, and provide the basics:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Member name (which will appear in TechSoup forums and comments on articles)
  • Security question and answer
  • Stay connected by choosing to receive weekly and monthly news from TechSoup

Once you've signed up, you can register your organization with TechSoup or associate to a previously registered organization and request donated and discounted products. And remember to sign up for our newsletters to stay updated on the latest product donations and resources.

2. Check Donation Eligibility

See the donation programs your organization is eligible for.

Your organization’s eligibility depends on a few factors, including your organization type and budget. To find out which product donation programs your nonprofit or library is likely eligible for, check your program eligibility before you register your organization. To learn about other factors that might affect your organization's eligibility, review TechSoup’s eligibility requirements and donor partner restrictions.

3. Register or Associate

Search for your organization in our database, or register a new one.


  • Already registered?
  • Get authorized to make donation requests.


  • Enter your information and get qualified to request donations.

First things first: let’s see if your organization is already registered with TechSoup. Make sure you’re logged in, then search by employer identification number (EIN) for nonprofits, or FSCS ID for libraries. If your organization is already in our database, you can become an authorized agent by associating with your organization. If your organization isn’t in our database, register it.

Associate with an Already Registered Organization: If your organization is already registered with TechSoup, you may then become an authorized agent. This lets you represent your organization and request donations on its behalf. In order to become an authorized agent, you’ll need your organization’s association code. This code is used to link individual TechSoup member accounts to an organization. If you don't know the association code, here are three ways to find it:

  • View a list of current authorized agents by initiating the registration process and entering your organization's country, status, and tax ID.
  • Ask around your organization to find out who the current authorized agents are. They'll be able to see the association code in their Member Profile page after they log in.
  • Send us a message through TechSoup’s “Need More Help” form. You’ll need the following information: organization EIN or FSCS ID; organization name; organization address; organization phone number; your name; your job title; your email address; and your TechSoup username.

Register Your Organization: It's not difficult to register an organization. Just make sure you have the following information before you start:

  • Organization name, street address, phone and fax numbers, and email address (to receive product donation instructions and licensing information)
  • Annual operating budget
  • Organization type and subtype (those that best reflect your primary mission and activities; for public libraries this field will already be filled in)
  • For 501(c)(3) organizations: your employer identification number (EIN). Or, for public libraries: the nine-digit FSCS ID number for your branch (it can be found on the IMLS website).
  • Public libraries will also need to provide information on staffing, communities served, and computer networks.

Qualify Your Organization: You must be qualified to receive product donations. After you've registered your organization, you'll submit a completed Qualification Checklist (PDF 51 KB) and other documents to verify your tax exempt status and other information. Send documents by fax: (415) 633-9444; email:; or postal mail: TechSoup Client Services, 435 Brannan Street, Suite 100, San Francisco, CA 94107.

After registering your organization, request a product donation

How to Join

Not a TechSoup member?

  1. Sign up
  2. Register or associate with an organization
  3. Request products and services
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