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How To Get Product Donations

Ready to Request Donated Products? Join TechSoup

4. Ready to Request Donations?

Make sure your organization is registered and qualified.

Before you start placing donation requests, make sure your organization is registered and qualified (see step #3). Qualification generally takes one to two weeks after you submit your documents. You can check your organization's qualification status through your member profile. If your organization has not yet been qualified by TechSoup, you can still request product donations, but you won’t receive them until qualification is complete.

After your organization is qualified, make sure you know which donation programs you’re eligible for by using our Check Donation Eligibility tool and then checking those programs’ eligibility requirements. Each donation program has its own rules — some programs limit you to one donation request per year, while others allow multiple requests throughout the year. See our fiscal year restrictions for more detail. And remember: you can request donations from multiple programs at the same time.

5. How to Request Donations

Browse donations by organization type, solution, or donor partner.

Be sure you understand the programs your organization is eligible for by using our Check Donation Eligibility tool. Once you’re ready, there are several ways to find donated and discounted products at TechSoup: you can look through our online catalog, or browse by your organization type, the solution you’re looking for, or by TechSoup donor partner.

To add donations to your cart and complete requests, you first need to log in to TechSoup with your individual member email address and password. Click Add to Cart for each item you wish to request.

Most product donations from TechSoup are available in one of two ways: download or physical media. Downloads (sometimes listed as ESD or electronic delivery) are products downloaded directly from our donor partners. Physical media are boxed installation discs sent through the mail.

TechSoup charges an administrative fee for each donation or discount request. For discount programs, this fee also includes the cost of the discounted product or service. Our administrative fees support our programs, services, and education, helping nonprofits and charities around the world to use technology to further their missions.

6. The Check-Out Process

Verify your information and place your donation request.

Before you check out, make sure all of your organization’s information is up-to-date.

  • Emails confirming your donation request are sent to your member email address.
  • Emails with information needed for downloading or registering a product are sent to the email address in the organization's profile.
Be sure that all email addresses are current before you request donations.

Once you’re ready to place your donation request:

  • Click View Cart.
  • Adjust the contents of your cart as needed and click Proceed with Product Donation.
  • Respond to each of the prompts in the process. If you're prevented from completing your request, review the eligibility requirements for the products you're requesting. Your organization may only request the products you’re eligible for.
  • Your organization can pay administrative fees by check or credit card. Checks must be mailed. Credit card information can be entered online.

You'll then receive a confirmation number and e-mail verifying your request. After TechSoup processes a donation request, we either ship the product or fulfill the request by the means described in our fulfillment and licensing support section.