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Disaster Planning and Recovery for Nonprofits, Charities, and Libraries

Resources to help your organization recover from a disaster

The Resilient Organization, developed with the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, is a holistic guide to IT disaster planning and recovery. This e-book is intended for organizations that are preparing for a disaster, as well as those that need to rebuild and maintain operations after a disaster.

Disaster Planning and Recovery Book

Topics Include

  • Files and Database
  • Lost Passwords
  • Communications
  • Websites
  • Hardware and Network Recovery
  • Mobile Internet Connectivity

Prepare for the Worst; Plan for the Best

Whether it's an earthquake, a wildfire, a massive storm, or a human-caused mishap, a disaster can seriously impact your organization's ability to carry out its mission.

You might not be able to prevent a disaster from happening, but with proper planning and a solid recovery strategy, your organization can bounce back from a disaster more quickly.

The Resilient Organization, our comprehensive guide to IT disaster planning and recovery, can help kick-start your IT disaster response plan — and help you execute it if calamity strikes.

Planning and Recovery Guide

This guide offers best practices for preparing your organization's IT for most kinds of disasters, as well as advice for recovering from a disaster.

Disaster Planning and Recovery Book

Recovery-Only Guide

If you're already dealing with the aftermath of a disaster, our recovery guide is for you. It features practical steps and resources to help you get your organization's tech back up and running.

Disaster Recovery Book

Tech to Help You Get Back on Your Feet

Response and Recovery Tool from Caravan Studios

The 4Bells mobile app makes it easy to deploy volunteers, send time-sensitive tasks, track progress, and get critical work done in urgent situations.