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Featured Topic: Disaster Planning and Recovery

Resources to prepare your nonprofit or public library’s technology for a disaster

The Resilient Organization

Disaster preparedness isn't just about being ready for a fire or earthquake; it's a nimble, flexible approach to your organization's day-to-day programs and operations. A natural disaster may never hit your office, but by adopting certain technologies and strategies, you can deepen your nonprofit's impact and make your work faster and more efficient. The resources in this toolkit will not only prepare you for a crisis, but also deepen the impact of your nonprofit or charity in times of health.

The Resilient Organization is a holistic guide to disaster planning and recovery. This book is intended both for organizations striving to be better prepared for an emergency and for organizations striving to rebuild and maintain operations after a disaster. Download The Resilient Organization and browse other disaster planning and recovery resources below. The book comes in four formats:

  • PDF: For printing and viewing on most devices.
  • Word: For those wishing to customize a version for their organization using our Creative Commons license.
  • ePUB: For most e-ink based e-readers and Android-based devices. (Note: depending on your device some features may not be available)
  • mobi: For Amazon Kindle devices, or using the Kindle app on other devices. 

In addition, the charts and worksheets in the guide are available in Excel format below.

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