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Consultant Connection

An IT professional performs maintenance on server connections

Nonprofits, Find Consultants to Help You

When it comes to getting the most from technology, you might need a little or a lot of help. For decades, TechSoup has brought you transformative products and resources — now we're bringing you the expertise you need with Consultant Connection. Whether it's advice or actual implementation support, Consultant Connection makes it easy to find the help you need from consultants specializing in, and referred by, organizations like yours.

Consultants, Get Listed!

For the first time, consultants and service providers have their very own place on TechSoup! Reach more nonprofits with Consultant Connection and be seen by hundreds of thousands of organizations across the country. Secure your spot on the premier destination for nonprofits and charities seeking technology information, resources, and products.

Heads up! You'll be asked to provide a valid EIN number and a few references from clients who are willing to share their experience working with you. Visit our information page to find out more.

Join the early bird list and be one of the first to be listed on Consultant Connection.

Annual Listing Fees for Consultants

Early bird rate: $0 for the first 50 consultants!

Standard rate: $395

Note: this service is in beta testing, and we will be working with you to add new features and improving the experience.

Questions about Consultant Connection? Email us!