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Your Windows 8 Questions Answered

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Webinar Description

Have you viewed our Windows 8 Demo for Nonprofits & Libraries? Still have questions, or want to take a deeper dive into Windows 8?

Good news! In response to our previous live webinar demonstration on Windows 8, we held a follow-up webinar to take a more in-depth look at Windows 8.

First, we hear from TechSoup Technology Analyst Ariel Gilbert-Knight, who provides a framing of Windows 8 for nonprofits and libraries. Microsoft's Namita Das then takes a look at questions from the Windows 8 Demo, including those on public access and enterprise level uses of Windows 8.

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Speaker Information

Namita Das is a Product Marketing Manager in Windows Commercial. She frequently talks with Enterprise customers in Executive Briefing  Centers at Microsoft and has recently won the "Rising Star" award for best speaker.

Ariel Gilbert-Knight is a technology analyst at TechSoup Global, where she researches and writes about technology topics for nonprofits and libraries.

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