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Windows MultiPoint Server: Lower Your Public Access Costs

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Note: Microsoft no longer offers Windows MultiPoint Server. However, Windows Server now has a MultiPoint Services role that does not have the 20-user limit of MultiPoint Server.

Do you manage a public access computer lab? Do you want to find ways to make it easier and cheaper to set up, improve, or simply maintain a library or nonprofit computing lab?

Watch our free webinar to find out about Microsoft's Windows MultiPoint Server and how it can save you over 60% in costs and upkeep for your library, charity, telecentre, training lab, or refurbishment program.

What is Windows MultiPoint Server? Basically it allows one computer to serve several people in a lab or library with very low cost. This software is now available as a donation from TechSoup and also at very low cost from the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program.

Join Joy Neal and Lane Fernando from La Conner Regional Library in Washington to hear about their experience installing and using Multipoint Server.

You will also find out how to install, set-up and obtain the hardware you need for a Multipoint Server lab from Charles Brennick, nonprofit refurbisher from InterConnection in Seattle. InterConnection is one of two refurbishment partners in TechSoup's Refurbished Computer Initiative and worked with us recently to install and test Multipoint Server in two libraries and three charities.

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Jim Lynch is TechSoup Global's director of GreenTech. Over his long career at TechSoup, Jim has been involved in creating all of TechSoup's environmental programs. He leads TechSoup Global's work to develop the computer refurbishment and reuse field in the United States and internationally. Jim is also one TechSoup's writers on technology. He is avidly interested in technology and practices that reduce the IT environmental impact and carbon footprint of nonprofits, NGOs, and libraries worldwide. Jim Lynch has been interviewed extensively over the years on computer recycling and related issues by the Wall St. Journal, National Public Radio, PC World Magazine, and many other news outlets.

Joy Neal is currently the Director at the La Conner Regional Library in La Conner, Washington. Seven years ago she went from librarian in a large five county district library system to Director in La Conner, which is a five person operation serving a population of under 5,000. With no IT on site and a limited budget, she became the "tech person" by default. Always open to new technology, La Conner has been using thin clients since 2008, and recently went to an open-source ILS.

Lane Fernando is a farmer of words and sounds. His grow operation resides in La Conner, WA on a property with many creatures; domestic and wild. When not at the La Conner Library, you can find him in eclectic music venues or writing one of his many eccentric stories up and down the illustrious West Coast and beyond.

Charles Brennick is the founder and director of, a thirteen year old social enterprise nonprofit organization that makes information and communication technology accessible to underserved communities around the world. InterConnection primarily provides high-quality refurbished computers to non-profit and non-governmental organizations. Before starting InterConnection, he worked as a natural resource planner, an ecotourism planner in Costa Rica, and as a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay. Mr. Brennick lives with his wife, Maria, and his two children, Alan and Anna, in Seattle, Washington.

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