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Using Mobile for Outreach and Education

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You keep hearing how mobile phones are a great way to reach a large audience of people, but how can your nonprofit or library use this technology, and where do you start?

Join Kami Griffiths for a webinar about using mobile technologies for outreach and education. She interviews Adam Shyevitch, Teen Initiative Director at Boston After School & Beyond, who shares information about how their organization is using mobile technology for their outreach efforts. We also hear from Michael Sabat of Mobile Commons, a company that develops web-based applications to launch interactive mobile campaigns including text messaging, voice calls, and web-based components.

Learn from their experiences and leave with some ideas about how your nonprofit or library can utilize mobile technologies for outreach and education. This webinar is for people who are beginning to explore using mobile technology and have questions on how to get started.

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Speaker Information

Adam Shyevitch has been innovating in the nonprofit sector for over 15 years. He has 10 years of experience in youth work, curriculum design, and project management, as well as 5 years of experience in affordable housing construction and finance. He joined Boston After School & Beyond late in 2005 to launch the Teen Initiative, which supports the growth and development of 5 networks of youth serving organizations in the Boston area. For the past few months, Adam has been immersed in the promise and challenges of SMS Texting projects to serve youth needs.

Michael Sabat is the community manager for Mobile Commons. Over the past year Michael has helped plan and launch many mobile campaigns with Mobile Commons' clients. Michael has a wealth of first hand experience with mobile list building techniques, mobile communications best practices, mobile giving and any carrier issue that a nonprofit may face.

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