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Transforming Communities Through Apps: Part II

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Webinar Description

Interested in discovering more about developing apps to transform your community? Watch our webinar, Transforming Communities Through Apps: Part II, designed especially for nonprofits and libraries!

This webinar is the second part of a series on apps, as part of the App It Up project: Transforming Communities. We feature guests from nonprofits and libraries who share their hands-on experience with you.

Jolkona's Adnan Mahmud and volunteer Punit Java talk about the process they used to create a mobile app for the Windows Phone.

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Speaker Information

Ariel Gilbert-Knight is a technology analyst at TechSoup Global, where she researches and writes about technology topics for nonprofits and libraries.

Adnan Mahmud started, a nonprofit organization aimed at inspiring the next generation of philanthropists by making it easy to make micro-donations to global development projects online. Adnan also has over 8 years of experience managing technology-related projects at Microsoft. He recently left Microsoft to launch geocko, a start-up company building technology solutions for nonprofits to easily create compelling giving experiences.

Punit Java is passionate about finding new ways to connect people with technology to enrich their lives. He has several years of experience building mobile and embedded products with Microsoft, Amazon, and through his own private ventures. Punit has a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo. Punit played a significant role in envisioning and developing Jolkona's Windows Phone app.

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