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Transforming Communities through Apps

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Uncertain whether apps can benefit your organization? Not sure what apps are out there? Interested in apps, but feel there isn't an app that meets your organization's needs? Join us for this free one-hour webinar to explore the wide world of apps for nonprofits and libraries. Find the app that's just right for you.

Learn how nonprofits and libraries are using apps, how to choose an approach to apps that makes sense for your organization, and how you can use apps to engage constituents, tell stories, and transform your community.

Transforming Communities is a Microsoft-funded initiative focused on creating a scalable approach to understanding the app needs of nonprofits and libraries and supporting the identification (and development!) of technologies that can address those needs. Hear all about what we've been up to in this project and learn about some very cool apps in this free webinar.

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Ariel Gilbert-Knight is a technology analyst at TechSoup Global, where she researches and writes about technology topics for nonprofits and libraries.

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