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Successful Event Promotion with Social Media

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Webinar Description

Online event promotion sites can enable you to reach a much larger audience for practically nothing. These sites can be excellent traffic drivers to your site and enhance your search engine optimization to boot! Combine online event sites with social media and you've got more traffic, better visibility for your event, AND you can channel the energy of your friends, followers, and volunteers through social media sites to help get the word out!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to find local and national event sites to list your events
  • How to create a network of social and event sites that all drive traffic to your event
  • How to manage and empower your supporters with the assets and information they need
  • Step-by-step event promotion roadmapping and get checklists for event planning and promotion
  • How to create and maintain a social network that enhances your visibility for future events

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Speaker Information

Janet Fouts is a seasoned entrepreneur, social media coach, author and speaker. She co-founded Tatu Digital Media in 1996 and has been active in on-line community and web strategy for over 15 years. She shares her knowledge through her blog at and her recent book, “Social Media Success!” is now available on Amazon.

Avi Kaplan advises nonprofits and small businesses on social media best practices and campaigns through his new company Ozen Media and blogs at Avi recently served as the Director of Online Community and Special Projects at Epic Change, where he helped produce 38 events for TweetsGiving a global celebration of gratitude and giving. He is a South Florida native, a current DC resident, and a graduate of Harvard University. You can reach Avi by email ( or on Twitter (@MeshugAvi)

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