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Short Evaluations of Real Websites

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Webinar Description

Curious to see what website experts really think when they look at a website? View our archived webinar, Short Evaluations of Real Websites. This free one-hour webinar is presented in cooperation with SAP, a donor partner of TechSoup. During the hour, web design experts Susanne Hempel and Steve Williams take a look at a succession of real nonprofit and library websites.

Some questions the experts ask are:

  • Does the website accurately reflect the mission of the organization?
  • Is the navigation intuitive and easy to understand?
  • Does the website have original content?
  • How searchable is the site from a search engine?
  • Are there ways to make it easy for a visitor or supporter to participate in that community?

This webinar focuses on the general principles of web design and is appropriate for anyone interested in improving their organization's website.

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Speaker Information

As the director of the global SAP Corporate Social Responsibility team, Steve Williams is responsible for managing the worldwide Technology Donation program that provides free reporting and data visualizaton tools to over 900 nonprofts each year in 15 countries. SAP has been partnering with TechSoup for quite a while now and is excited about the many possibilities to engage. You can find Steve on Twitter @constructive and his (infrequently updated) blog at

Born and raised in Germany, Susanne Hempel came to Vancouver 6 years ago to join Business Objects as a German Language Specialist. Before coming to Vancouver, she worked in Berlin, Dublin, and St. Petersburg.

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