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Public Tech Instruction: Online Job Search Assistance

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Webinar Description

Do you help job seekers at your library or nonprofit? Supporting job seekers is a critical service provided by public libraries and community based workforce organizations. This webinar offers helpful information about providing job seeker assistance using innovative services and tech savvy tools. Gather new ideas to improve your services for job seekers as you hear stories of success in libraries. View this free webinar to learn how your library or nonprofit can improve its job search training programs.

We will hear from the Arlington Heights Memorial Library about their successful services for job seekers, including resume assistance and access to online training materials. We will also hear from JobScout, a free online resource created for libraries and nonprofits to provide individual or group training.

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Speaker Information

Shannon Distel is the Business Services Librarian at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library in Illinois. Shannon is a frequent speaker and trainer on library and community resources for small businesses and job seekers and conducts over 100 hours of one-on-one appointments each year. She received her MLIS from Dominican University and has a background in library programming, technology, training and core competency development for library staff. Shannon's presentations can be viewed on SlideShare.

Stephanie Margossian is the Chief Operating Officer and Founder of TRAIL, the developer of JobScout, a free online training tool for job seekers. JobScout was designed with libraries in mind, through a partnership with the California State Library. She has a background in law and public affairs.

Additional Resources

Shannon Distel, Arlington Heights Memorial Library

Stephanie Margossian, JobScout

Additional Resources for Job Seekers:

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