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An Overview of Website Accessibility

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The implementation of web accessibility can seem excessively complicated. In reality, the best accessibility practices dovetail with good overall usability, and are easy to implement via standard tools such as templates and cascading style sheets (CSS). This session will cover topics such as understanding the difference between various accessibility guidelines, avoiding common accessibility errors, when — and when not — to rely on automatic accessibility checkers, and unexpected populations that benefit from accessible websites.

This webinar is best suited for individuals with some knowledge of HTML coding who are involved with ensuring that their organization's website is accessible.

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Speaker Information

Jane Vincent, AMLS, is the Accessibility/Usability Manager for the Center for Accessible Technology in Berkeley. In 1996, she was the lead author of “"Design of Accessible Web Pages," one of the first sets of guidelines on web accessibility. She has been involved with multiple website accessibility evaluations for businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions, and has given presentations on website accessibility for World Usability Day and at major accessibility conferences.

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