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Online Collaboration Tools

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It doesn’t matter if your organization is large or small, or if you have a complex network or have no server at all. Knowing about online collaboration tools can help organizations and individuals be more effective, for less money, especially when your staff is not located in one central location.

In this webinar, Kami Griffiths interviews Jon Warnow from to learn about the tools that they use to accomplish their mission specifically Google Apps, Skype and Salsa Labs-Democracy in Action. We also hear from Jay Boren and Ronald Ho, from Google, who provide more information about Google Apps and the ways that nonprofits and libraries can take advantage of this suite of free tools.

This webinar is ideal for decision makers, board members, accidental techies or anyone interested in learning how one nonprofit is successfully using online tools for collaborating.

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Speaker Information

Jon Warnow is an online organizer who uses technology to unite communities around a common mission: solving the climate crisis. He’s a co-founder of, an international campaign that harnesses to web to catalyze grassroots climate action around the world. organize in a new way--everywhere at once. In October of 2009 we coordinated 5,200 simultaneous rallies and demonstrations in 181 countries, what CNN called the 'most widespread day of political action in the planet's history.

Jay Boren works with, where he focuses on charitable giving and non-profit outreach. Jay has also worked in various capacities on projects relating to Google's RE<C (renewable energy cheaper than coal) efforts, such as Google PowerMeter and the Clean Energy 2030 plan. Prior to joining, Jay worked with the Global Infrastructure team in Google's legal department.

Ronald Ho is a Product Manager for Google Spreadsheets and Mobile Docs. Before pursuing his love of spreadsheets all the way to the Big Apple, he was a Product Manager on the Adsense and Google Desktop teams in Mountain View. He firmly believes that Google Docs and Sites will positively change the education and non-profit worlds. He's given talks about how you can "Build Sandcastles with Google Docs" at the National Educational Computing Conference and at tech forums for teachers. Ronald received his Engineering BS and MS from Stanford University. In his free time he enjoys volunteering for NY Cares, playing volleyball, learning digital photography and thinking of cool new things that Google spreadsheets can do!

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