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Mobile Impact 201: Digital Content Strategies for Mobile

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Webinar Description

Now that your nonprofit has decided to establish a mobile presence, what can you say to engage donors, volunteers, and other constituents?

Join us for this free webinar and learn how to harness the huge potential of mobile — how to turn it into a tool for change, instead of just another medium.

We'll also look at tips and tools for integrating your mobile efforts with social media and events, as well as how to measure and optimize your efforts.

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Speaker Information

Amy Sample Ward's dedication to educating and supporting nonprofit and community organizations in using technology to make lasting change brought her to NTEN as the Membership Director in 2011, then as the CEO in June 2013. Whether it is by connecting individuals, organizations, campaigns, or possibilities, Amy hopes to facilitate the nonprofit technology sector transitioning into a movement-based force for positive change.

She is also a blogger, facilitator, and trainer having worked with groups and spoken at events in the US, UK, and around the world. She previously co-authored Social by Social, a handbook in using social technologies for social impact, and has contributed to various other publications about social change and technology. She is a conversation-starter and thought-leader, writing about strategic uses of new technologies for communities and organizations on her blog and the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

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