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The Many Uses for Adobe Acrobat

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What do you think of when you hear about Adobe Acrobat? PDF files, right? PDF (portable document format) has been used for more than a decade to share files freely between computers regardless if you’re using a Mac, Linux, or Windows machine as long as you have the Reader installed. But Adobe Acrobat has much more to offer than simply creating and displaying PDF files.

View this webinar and learn how other nonprofits and libraries are using this tool to save time and money. Kami Griffiths interviews Kurt Ohlfs from Pacific Autism to learn how they use the form feature to streamline a process for collecting and distributing information.

This webinar is an overview of Adobe Acrobat, with real examples of how it is being used in the sector. Read more about Acrobat at this blog post.

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Speaker Information

Kurt Ohlfs has served as the Executive Director of PACE since June of 2005. Shortly after his arrival, he focused on launching two significant program expansions to support newly diagnosed children in an “early intervention” preschool and recent school graduates through a vocational day program. This complimented the existing K-12 school and 6 residential homes to establish PACE as the only agency in the Bay Area supporting all aspects of Autism support from cradle to the community.

Dr. Dave Merchant is an Adobe Community Professional and Acrobat Community Expert working with the Acrobat and Creative Suite product lines, and a programmer and technical author at UVSAR, with over ten years experience providing training and assessment, research and support materials to both public and private sector organisations across the world.

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