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Is FileMaker Right for Your Organization?

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Does your data live in several spreadsheets that all have to be maintained? Perhaps a database is in order, but how do you get from managing several spreadsheets to having the information live in one organized place? FileMaker Pro may be the solution for you.

FileMaker Pro is an application that integrates a database engine with a graphical user interface allowing users to modify the database by dragging new elements into layouts, screens, or forms. With templates and wizards FileMaker can help anyone who is proficient at Excel create a basic database in less than an hour.

This webinar is ideal for anyone looking to organize their data, and who have staff comfortable using spreadsheets. To understand if your organization is eligible for this discount program, click here.

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Speaker Information

Kevin Mullins, a Sr. Application Engineer for Demand Media, has volunteered as the technical adviser for Angelorum Pregnancy Services for the last eight years. Kevin has used FileMaker to provide solutions to manage the yearly auction, track contacts, donors and very soon a new solution to record client information now that Angelorum has completed its medical conversion.

Over the last six years, Kevin has used FileMaker to quickly build solutions that are easy to use but powerful so his volunteer time is effective and doesn't keep him away from his family. Since he is now an active member of the FileMaker community, you will often find Kevin on twitter @krmullins answering questions about FileMaker.

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