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Introduction to GIS Software and ESRI ArcView

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Webinar Description

Finding hidden patterns in complicated decision-making scenarios; analyzing and visualizing large amounts quantitative data; understanding your community and constituency; presenting the results of your research and experience to busy audiences who are difficult to engage with – Geographic Information System (GIS) software has the potential to help with all of these crucial and difficult activities. If you feel overwhelmed when making complex, data-driven decisions or if you have trouble communicating your hard-won insights to key policy-makers, funders and constituents, join us as we discuss what GIS is and how it can help nonprofits.

Most of us think about GIS as fancy mapping software, but it’s actually a tool for the visual and spatial representation of data, and it has thousands of real-world applications. In the nonprofit sector, GIS is used by organizations working on conservation, social justice, education, public health and an array of other issue areas.

Charles Convis of ESRI and Steve Spiker of the Urban Strategies Council join us and share real examples of tools created with GIS software to help nonprofits convey their nuanced messages in a simple, powerful format. The demonstration covers how to take information you already have in your office and turn it into a useful map, how to find data and basemaps to build your own maps and the software you can use for mapping and sharing data.

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Speaker Information

Charles Convis is the Conservation Program Coordinator at ESRI. In the past, he ahs been a supporter at Society for Conservation GIS and has been a Intl Conservation Computing support member and Volunteer at World Wildlife Fund.

Steve Spiker is the Director of Research and Technology at the Urban Strategies Council, a nonprofit community capacity building and support organization whose mission is the elimination of persistent urban poverty.  He is a Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) with a Masters in GIS and has extensive experience applying GIS and spatial analysis in the public health, social science, nonprofit and public agency sectors.  He also heads up the training and development of and manages the Council’s IT systems.

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