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How Real Nonprofits Fundraise with Microsoft

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Webinar Description

Curious about how Microsoft can assist your nonprofit or library in fundraising efforts? Watch the third webinar in our Microsoft Tips and Tricks series, How Real Nonprofits Fundraise using Microsoft, to learn more.

During this webinar, we look at how organizations have used tools and resources from Microsoft to assist in their fundraising efforts. We hear from Paula Lucas at the American Overseas Domestic Violence Center (AODVCC), who discusses how her organization has used various Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Publisher, Excel and PowerPoint in their fundraising efforts. We then hear from Shari Sewell, executive director of Northwest Hope & Healing, on their experiences using Microsoft tools in creating letterheads, presentations, and more.

Microsoft software donations are now available in a download format only. For more information, please visit our blog post about the change.

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Speaker Information

Paula Lucas is the Founder & Executive Director at Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center.

As executive director of Northwest Hope & Healing, Shari Sewell is responsible for the overall leadership and development of the organization. She is directly involved with their Healing Programs, board and staff development, fundraising and public outreach. Shari has been a long time advocate for women and children, both professionally and personally, and is excited to be part of Northwest Hope & Healing, to help broaden its reach and increase its impact on women in the Puget Sound area.

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