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GreenTech: Reducing Your Paper Usage

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Webinar Description

TechSoup's Green Technology program is encouraging nonprofits and other social benefit organizations to reduce their paper consumption in five specific ways:

  1. Complete a paper usage assessment of your organization and communicate results to staff.
  2. Change printer and copier settings and habits
  3. Create, edit, communicate and store documents electronically
  4. Distribute annual reports and marketing collateral in PDFs or eBooks.
  5. Budget for and start buying recycled content paper

This webinar illustrates why it is important to make each of these five changes and our speakers will answer your questions and help you overcome the hurdles to making those changes in your organization.

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Speaker Information

Steve Adams is the Vice President of Protus Marketing where he manages strategic relationships and actively consults with leading customers to assure services meet and exceed their business goals. Steve’s extensive experience in product and sales management and as a marketer gives him keen insights and an empathic view into the customer’s objectives, challenges and realities. As a senior executive with the Protus management team, Steve develops marketing strategies that support the corporate business strategy and drives efforts to tie program results to business values.

Susan Kinsella is the Executive Director of Conservatree, a nonprofit education and advocacy organization that specializes in environmental paper and recycling issues. It developed out of the former Conservatree Paper Company, which jumpstarted the markets for recycled paper in the U.S. and Canada and introduced the first recycled versions of most grades of printing and office papers. Conservatree’s website includes extensive lists of all the environmental papers (recycled, chlorine free, FSC-certified, nonwood) available in North America, as well as comprehensive information and answers to commonly-asked questions.

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