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Disaster Planning: Backup, Backup, Backup!

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At TechSoup, we believe that when it comes to maintaining continuity of your organization's services, that backup is essential to following the Boy Scout's golden rule to "be prepared."

Beyond major natural disasters, a variety of regional, local, and office-centered emergencies might compromise your ability to get work done and continue conducting business as usual for your supporters, clients, users, and community.

What happens if a water main breaks and floods your office? Or a nearby wildfire knocks out your phone and Internet access? What if a staff person simply loses a laptop with critical info? Maybe losing a day of work won't hurt too much, but what if that extends to three days, two weeks, or months? Backup systems are essential to keeping your important data and critical services running.

In this free TechSoup Talks! webinar, TechSoup's Becky Wiegand interviews Nutmeg Consulting's Chris Shipley and Sarai's Zac Mutrux about the different types of backup options including hardware, portable devices, and hosted services. We also hear from Ana-Marie Jones from CARD - Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters, who shares insight from her experiences training nonprofits to be prepared. This is an introduction to backup systems for emergency planning and does not cover in-depth evaluations of specific services or tools.

While we'll always recommend having a backup for your backup, this discussion reviews the different options so you can decide what types might best serve your organization's needs and help you recover from any type of disaster — however big or small — that might come your way.

Check out our disaster planning guide: The Resilient Organization: A Guide for Disaster Planning and Recovery and the introductory webinar on disaster planning, Disaster Planning: What Organizations Need to Know to Protect Their Tech.

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Speaker Information

Chris Shipley is a principal in a small consulting company (Nutmeg Consulting) and have many NPO clients that I assist with technology assessment, planning, and implementation. We concentrate on data systems, technology planning, implementation, and hardware support. He is also a TechSoup forum host, regularly answering questions from nonprofits around the world on various technology topics.

Zac Mutrux is President of Sarai, a San Francisco firm offering technology guidance, management and support services to small and mid-sized organizations. A former staff consultant at TechSoup Global, Zac has been setting up backup systems for years at nonprofit organizations. He has witnessed first-hand the sigh of relief when these systems succeed — and the gasp of shock when they have failed. Zac resides in Alameda, California, with his wife Kelly and toddler Finn. To contact Zac Mutrux, visit

Ana-Marie Jones is the Executive Director of CARD - Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters, a nonprofit located in Alameda County, California. Created by local community agencies after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, CARD trains and supports nonprofits and their special needs clients in disaster preparedness, response and recovery activities. CARD has been a TechSoup partner for developing The Resilient Organization: A Guide for Disaster Planning and Recovery, a new 77-page manual for nonprofits to prevent and recover from any disaster.

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