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Cultivating Donor and Client Relationships with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Webinar Description

Are you looking for a way to create a better relationship with your client or donor base? Watch our webinar, Managing Relationships with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to hear about this customizable solution.

This one-hour webinar begins with an introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM by NPower Northwest's Shawn Michael. Shawn talks about Dynamics CRM's key functionality, integration options, and where to get help, all with nonprofits and libraries in mind.

Srilakshmi Remala from Washington STEM then takes the floor, talking about her organization's recent implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This is a great opportunity to hear how a real nonprofit has benefited from this client relationship management tool.

To read more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, visit Shawn's previously published blog post.

This webinar is appropriate for nonprofits and libraries seeking out new solutions for managing their client and donor relationships.

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Speaker Information

Shawn Michael provides service in the areas of technology strategy and planning, Cloud technology support, SharePoint, and Dynamics CRM. She is excited to share her knowledge and skills to support our clients in doing great things for the community through the strategic implementation of technology. Before joining NPower about ten years ago, Shawn had gigs in the private sector consulting on software development and tech project management, among other things.

Sri Remala is the Director of Technology & Digital Strategy at Washington STEM. Sri has a bachelor’s degree in human computer interaction from Carnegie Mellon University and has begun an executive master’s in public affairs at the University of Washington. Sri is an avid outdoors woman and loves pending her time hiking, biking, and snowboarding with her husband and family.

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