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Creating Better Spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel

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Webinar Description

Want to create spreadsheets that help fulfill the mission of your nonprofit or library? Watch the second webinar in our Microsoft Tips and Tricks series, Creating Better Spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel to learn more.

During this webinar, we hear about some key features of Microsoft Excel that allow you to enhance your spreadsheets and data. TechSoup's Mark Liu discusses using keyboard shortcuts and PivotTables. We also hear from Microsoft’s Kate Libershteyn on her work creating a strategic scorecard for the organization Feet First.

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Speaker Information

Kate Libershteyn is a finance manager at Microsoft and the Board Director at Feet First.

Mark Liu is a numbers guy. He looks for the graphs and tables in an article, first, not the pictures. He’s a self-taught Excel nerd, and spends way too many hours a week manipulating Excel spreadsheets. At TechSoup Global, he uses Excel in financial reporting, forecasting, and business planning. He’s been at TechSoup Global since 1998, and worked in the computer industry in software development before coming here.

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