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Create Dynamic Online Trainings

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Webinar Description

In this webinar, we hear from training experts dealing with the nonprofit and library sector. Janet Fouts shares her thoughts on planning an online training, from wireframing your course or tutorial to general skills and practices. Experts from Idealware discusses creating very short videos and on-demand training modules. Watch the archived recording for practical advice on making your online trainings as effective as in-person events.

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Speaker Information

As Research Analyst, Kyle Andrei is responsible for researching software through demos, interviews, and surveys, and using that information to create Idealware’s reports and articles. In addition, Kyle also produces Idealware’s Ask Idealware videos, drawing on his broadcasting experience. Kyle is a graduate of Indiana State University, where he split his time between managing the student radio station, researching video game communication and working on local elections.

Janet Fouts is a social media coach, author, speaker and entrepreneur. Janet's books, Social Media Success!, #SOCIALMEDIA PR tweet, and #SOCIALMEDIA NONPROFIT tweet draw on over 15 years of experience in online marketing, social media, and working in the trenches with businesses of all sizes. In addition to her social media coaching practice, Janet is founder of the Social Media Coaching Center and Sr. Partner at Tatu Digital Media, a San Jose Web design and development firm.

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