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Baby Steps 4: Video Post-Production and Promotion

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Webinar Description

In the fourth webinar in the Baby Steps series, we'll show you what to do now that you've got your video footage captured!

First, we will hear from Anna Foote at the State Library of Kansas who will be talking with us about Kansas 6 by 6 program. This will give us a stellar example of the type of early childhood education that the Baby Steps is highlighting.

Then, we will hear from Aaron Bramley at Lights. Camera. Help. Aaron will help us learn about video editing tools and will cover the basics of editing video so you get consistent, professional-looking quality. Aaron will also show you how to upload, tag, describe, and promote your video on the web, so your video gets traction.

Lastly, we will hear more about the Baby Steps competition from Jeremy Kamo at FURTHER by Design. Tune in to hear about the goals, process and prizes of the competition!

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Speaker Information

Anna Foote is Early Literacy/Lifelong Learning Coordinator for the State Library of Kansas. She has been instrumental in providing early literacy information and support to Kansas parents, childcare givers and librarians. At this session, she will provide practical tips on how to interact with children under age six to give them the six skills children need to have by age six to be ready to learn to read.

Aaron Bramley is the Co-founder and Executive Director for Lights. Camera. Help. In this role, he's responsible for conceptualizing the organization's vision and working to see it through. He focuses on communication, collaboration, nonprofits, video, social media, and the bleeding edge technology behind these things. He learns, he teaches, he shares, and he works to make the world, or at least a small part of it, a better place.@AaronMSB

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