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After the Crash: Minimize your Downtime

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Webinar Description

Computers crash, viruses infect, and disasters happen. But they don't have to affect your ability to continue working if you're prepared. There are some key things you should know about your computer system and your applications — and things you should do with your data — to ensure that you're back up in a few hours instead of a few days.

Kami Griffiths interviews Laura Richardson from Uptime Resources to help you understand how you can get your system back up and running so your staff can continue to do their work as quickly as possible. The discussion will open your eyes to the risks you should be aware of and to the measures that can help prevent data loss.

What will happen to your TechSoup software product donations in case of a crash? Gregory Seeley, a TechSoup Stock Client Services Representative, gives an overview of how you can regain access to the products and services you requested before the incident.

This webinar is appropriate for executive directors, IT staff, accidental techies, and anyone else who is responsible for maintaining your nonprofit or library's computers and data.

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Speaker Information

Laura Richardson is a partner at Uptime Resources, a San Francisco based company that helps for-profit and not-for-profit organizations plan and manage their IT infrastructure. At Uptime Resources, Laura pursues her professional passions: helping companies be successful and making technology useful and reliable for non-techies.

Prior to Uptime Resources, Laura helped grow software and tech companies in England, Texas, and Washington, D.C. before falling in love with the bay area. Playing tennis, cooking spicy Indian food, helping her husband grow his software company and playing with her kids rounds out her weeks.

Gregory Seeley is a California native who has lived both in the U.S. and France. He graduated from the University of San Francisco in 2006 in History and French and began working at TechSoup that summer. He is responsible for handling customer qualification and product questions, as well as questions of eligibility to ensure that organizations get everything for which they're eligible. Outside of work Gregory is involved in historical reenactment and vintage dance most notably with the Dickens Christmas fair.

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