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10 Social Media Tips and Secrets

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Social media has dramatically changed how nonprofits and libraries communicate with supporters, donors, and volunteers. Most nonprofits in the United States now use social media in their communications and development strategies, but few have been properly trained on how to best utilize sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Your organization's return on investment (ROI) in social media is directly related to whether your staff fully understands the long-term implications of social media and are knowledgeable of each sites' unique functionality and toolset.

This webinar begins with laying a foundation of understanding the role of social media in the context of Web 1.0 (static web), Web 2.0 (dynamic web), and the coming Web 3.0 (mobile web). After the big picture is illuminated, the webinar moves on to 10 of the most important social media best practices that Heather Mansfield has learned from spending over 40 hours a week for the last four years on social networking sites. From the basics to the advanced this webinar cuts through hype and demonstrates clearly where the ROI is – and where it is not.

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