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Ready to change the world with a story? So are we.

At TechSoup, we're dedicated to providing your nonprofit, library, or charity with the resources it needs to tell its story.

Learn how to get started and become a Storymaker. See which tools are available. Explore past winners.

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Want to be a Storymaker? TechSoup's digital storytelling resources provide a step-by-step guide from story creation through post-production and marketing. It's time to get started on your storytelling adventure.

Before You Begin

A nonprofit needs to create a culture of storytelling in order to embed storymaking in its DNA. These resources will help you conceptualize your story at its inception.

Production Resources

Nonprofits have an array of storytelling tools from which to choose. These resources will help your nonprofit analyze the production tools available for your digital stories.

Mobile Storytelling

Almost 70 percent of adults connect to the Internet with mobile devices like smartphones or tablet computers, according to Pew Research. That means your organization needs to consider mobile storytelling as part of your Storymakers strategy.

Post Production

A digital story's success can be determined in post-production. These tips provide an overview for your post-production options.

Get Your Story Noticed

Now that your digital story is done, how do you get your story noticed and stand out? These resources are guideposts for impact storytelling.

Community Partners

For more than 20 years, our colleagues at the Center for Digital Storytelling have been developing unique narrative and participatory media processes to support individuals and organizations in sharing their stories. The Center's public workshop offerings enable participants to create poignant and polished short videos, and their customized services for nonprofits are designed to bring visibility to community-based narratives. Learn more about the Center's approach to media-making.

Past Challenges 

How to tell your digital story

For the past four years, we have been amazed by the storytelling created by our members. Get inspired by previous years' winners.

2013 Challenge

The 2013 Challenge was a breakthrough year for global participation in interactive events and workshops. More than 135 social-good organizations sent us their digital stories.

2013 Digital Storytelling Challenge Winners

2012 Challenge

The 2012 Digital Storytelling Challenge saw more than 250 submissions from social benefit organizations in 24 countries, exhibiting a stunning breadth and depth of storytelling skills.

2012 Digital Storytelling Challenge Winners

2011 Challenge

More than 80 organizations entered the 2011 Digital Storytelling Challenge, demonstrating a wide range of video and photo savvy.

2011 Digital Storytelling Challenge Winners


What are the award categories and prize amount?

  • Best story promoting youth or engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - US$5,000
  • Best Story Overall - US$5,000
  • Best Super-Short story - US$1,000
  • Best Newbie story - US$1,000
  • Audience Choice - US$1,000

What are the criteria and requirements for each category?

  • The STEM award will be judged at the discretion of our judges. The story must be seen as promoting youth engagement with STEM issues.
  • The best overall category will be judged at the discretion of our judges. The judges will chose based on overall creativity and technical merit and stories must be viewed as social benefit in nature.
  • The best super-short story will be judged at the discretion of our judges. The judges will choose based on overall creativity and technical merit. Stories must be viewed as social benefit in nature and under 20 seconds.
  • The best newbie award will be awarded as the discretion of our judges. The submission should be the first digital story made by the storymaker and must be social benefit in nature.
  • The audience award will be awarded based on YouNoodle voter participation and will be awarded subject to the review by our judges.

Can I submit more than one story?

You can submit one under-two-minute digital video, one five-photograph slide-show, and one 20-second super-short video.

How do I submit?

Follow the YouNoodle submission instructions from our homepage. For under two-minute videos, you will need to upload to YouTube and submit the embed code. For photographs, you will need to upload to flickr and tag the photographs "Storymakers2014" and add these to the TechSoup flickr group. For the super-short video under 20 seconds, you will need to submit to Vine or Instagram and tag it "Storymakers2014". Alternatively, you can upload the super-short file to YouNoodle.

Will my story be disqualified if it is over two minutes long?

Yes, your story will be disqualified. The video stories must be under two-minutes long.

Can children submit a story?

No, the challenge is only open to adults over the age of eighteen (18). However, adults may submit on behalf of children.

Is the campaign open only to those in the US?

No, this is a global campaign. However, this challenge is void in the U.S. states of Maryland, North Dakota, and Vermont; the Canadian province of Québec; and in any and all jurisdictions where skill contest advertising promotions are prohibited or restricted by law. This Challenge is void in Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, and Sudan.

Can I submit if I submitted last year?

Yes, you can submit if you submitted last year. You cannot submit a story that was submitted in previous years.