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Become a TechSoup Product Donor

TechSoup helps social benefit organizations around the globe get the technology resources and services they need to achieve their missions. TechSoup's online product donation service connects nonprofits and libraries with technology product donations in the United States and internationally through a growing network of partners.

Since the launch of its donation program in January 2002, TechSoup has registered and qualified more than 167,000 nonprofit organizations around the globe. It has saved the sector worldwide over $2.9 billion in IT expenses. For the recipients, requesting donations through TechSoup is much simpler and faster than applying for traditional product grants. The only costs they incur are a small administrative fee for TechSoup's services.

TechSoup currently works with a wide array of corporate and nonprofit technology partners. By donating a wide array of technology resources (ranging from hardware and software to cloud based resources, training, and direct services), TechSoup donor partners help social benefit organizations achieve more with their limited budgets.

We are always looking to find good partners who can help nonprofits better serve their communities. We handle all the administrative details. And we make sure that the recipient organizations have missions that align with our donors' philanthropic goals.

Note: TechSoup is not an online store or a reseller of products. Our service is an international distribution platform for technology product philanthropy.

Contacting the TechSoup Development Office

If you'd like to discuss contributing technology products to TechSoup, please contact:

Gayle Samuelson Carpentier

Chief Business Development Officer

Voice: (415) 633-9344

Fax: (415) 512-9629

Email for Business Development: bizdev AT

We will work with you to custom craft an offering that meets your philanthropy goals and helps the nonprofit community.

Ongoing and Limited Donation Programs

To learn how to participate in a single country, a defined regional or globally across the TSG Network, please feel free to send an email to the business development address. We're happy to guide you through the process.

An ongoing donation program is appropriate for partners who can commit to donating products throughout the year and whose products are available to an entire country. Our Partner Profiles page lists our current ongoing partners.

The TechSoup special offers program is appropriate for partners who want to limit their donations by geography (such as services available only within a few states), by quantity (less product than would be needed for a full year), or by time (a donation with a specified end date). The current offerings in this program appear in the TechSoup special offers catalog.

Benefits of Donating Through TechSoup

Partnership with TechSoup in either the ongoing or limited program enables corporate and nonprofit technology providers to:

  • Gain access to a central resource that connects nonprofits around the world to succinct information about their donated products and services.
  • Be part of an international platform for product philanthropy.
  • Gain opportunities to maintain, grow, and promote their corporation's giving program.
  • Save budgets and staff time by outsourcing their product donation programs.

Participating in an ongoing U.S. program increases visibility to the social benefit sector:

  • Our marketing team features your program or products in news releases or email newsletters such as By the Cup (70,000 subscribers) or the New Product Alert (170,000 subscribers).
  • Your company is highlighted as a donor, for example, in the Browse by Partner section of the left navigation bar.
  • The program or products are featured from time to time on pages such as the TechSoup home page or the TechSoup product page.
  • You receive first notification of promotional or other events that you might want to sponsor or otherwise participate in.

Participating in the TechSoup special offers program for the United States provides donors with an opportunity to "jump start" a corporate social responsibility program or cause-marketing initiative. It is a quick and easy way to make a big impact with minimal time commitment and will provide vertical market opportunities in the social sector.

TechSoup provides its partners with regular reports that can be used for tax purposes. While we do not provide tax advice, we can share general guidelines for discussion with your financial and tax professionals.

Monetary Donations

If you would like to make a financial contribution to support TechSoup's work to bring technological empowerment and philanthropy to social benefit organizations across the world, please visit our Donate Today! page.